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Motorcycle Safety

As of August 26, 2016, Oklahoma law requires anyone who is 17 or younger to complete a certified Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) training course before applying for an original or renewed driver’s license with an M (motorcycle) endorsement.

In addition to taking this course, another effective way to become a safer, more responsible rider is to know the laws regarding motorcycle riding. MSF also offers several courses to help motorcyclists improve their abilities. To learn more, click here.

To find a motorcycle safety course in your area, use this locator.

Oklahoma Motorcycle Laws

Safe riding practices, combined with the cooperation of everyone else on the road, can help reduce the number of motorcycle-related fatalities and injuries on Oklahoma streets and highways. Because motorcycle laws vary from state to state, it is crucial for motorcyclists riding in Oklahoma to familiarize themselves with our laws, which are governed by Title 47 O.S. § 1-135.

Questions? Explore the Oklahoma Highway Patrol's Safe Rider FAQs.

Road Science

In the summer of 2018, the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office (OHSO) and OkieMoto launched Road Science, a public safety campaign focused on educating about the dangers motorcyclists face that many drivers may not be aware of. By adopting a scientific approach that includes physics equations and graphics, the campaign informed drivers of these risks and encouraged riders to be extra vigilant on the road.

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If you’re interested in teaching motorcycle classes, you can learn more here!

Click here for quick tips on motorcycle safety, including alcohol awareness, group riding, personal protective gear and more.

Going on a road trip? Click here to know all motorcycle laws in each state.

Last Modified on Dec 11, 2023
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