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TSET Healthy Youth Initiative


The Healthy Youth Initiative, led by the Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust (TSET), helps younger Oklahomans learn how to live healthier lives through reduced tobacco use and improved nutrition and physical activity, with the goal of creating generational change. The TSET Healthy Youth Initiative uses statewide public health education messaging, youth-led advocacy programs and character-building to affect positive behavior change.


Behind the Haze is a fact-based source for health-related vaping information for at-risk teens in Oklahoma. It educates teens about the harmful ingredients in vape juice and vapor, as well as the health consequences associated with vaping. See our latest ads.


Teens who live in rural areas are disproportionately more likely to use tobacco and suffer from its health consequences. As such, the Down and Dirty campaign is specifically tailored to rural teens, delivering messages focused on cigarettes, chew and vaping prevention that are relevant to them and their values. See our latest ads.


Launched in 2021, the Swap Up campaign focuses on youth obesity prevention across the state. Swap Up delivers realistic and relatable nutrition messages and provides impactful behavior changes teens can incorporate in their daily lives. See our latest ads.


My Life, My Quit™ offers support to teens 13-17 who are already vaping. By visiting or texting "Start My Quit" to 36072, teens can connect to free live texting and web chat support personalized for them. The services are confidential and do not provide patches, gum or lozenges. My Life, My Quit™ is funded in Oklahoma by TSET. See our latest ads.


Quit the Hit is a cessation support group that educates young people ages 13-24 about how to quit vaping through group chats on Instagram. Quit the Hit provides 5 weeks of online quit support in small groups of participants with active moderation by a cessation coach. The Instagram group messages include daily educational content, video content from the coach and guests, behavioral and cognitive coping strategies, quit tools, group challenges and access to peers for support.


Youth Action for Health Leadership (YAHL) is an initiative that allows youth to create a measurable impact by making lasting changes in nutrition, active living and tobacco policies. Participating teens to develop leadership skills and can earn community service hours while being directly involved in making their community and Oklahoma a healthier place.


Elevate Student Health is a campaign working to improve the health of Oklahoma youth through comprehensive physical activity and nutrition policies in schools. The campaign works directly with schools and school districts to support the implementation of comprehensive wellness standards like increased physical activity, healthy food options and access to clean, safe drinking water throughout the school day.


CounterAct Tobacco is a campaign working to move the power away from Big Tobacco and into Oklahomans' hands through comprehensive retail licensing. CounterAct Tobacco is working to eliminate youth purchase, use and possession laws, overturn tobacco preemption and regulate e-cigarette, vape and nicotine-only retailers like current policies for traditional cigarettes.


The TSET Successful Futures Program completes phase 3 of the TSET Healthy Youth Initiative. By working with our grant partner, Oklahoma Association of Youth Services (OAYS), the final phase of this program encourages children and youth grades three through eight to make healthy life choices through tobacco prevention, nutrition, activity, life skills and character education. Working with children and youth in this way helps improve the future of their lives through healthy choices.

Last Modified on May 17, 2024
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