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Oklahoma Hospital Association

Oklahoma Hospital Association's Health Improvement Initiatives (OHA-HII) works with hospitals and their affiliated clinics to help patients who are tobacco users quit for good. Through OHA, health systems establish a comprehensive tobacco free environment policy, clinical tobacco treatment workflow for patients and employees, and a mechanism to proactively refer those ready to quit to the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline through a fax or electronic referral from their Electronic Medical Record. In addition, OHA helps hospital leaders in making permanent improvements to their policies, environment and benefits which support employees in improving their well-being.

Oklahoma Hospital Association's Health Improvement Initiatives Impact

TSET and the Oklahoma Hospital Association: Partnering to Improve Oklahoma's Health

Oklahoma hospitals admit approximately 120,000 tobacco users each year, many for diseases directly related to tobacco. To address the illness and mortality that arises from tobacco use, TSET has partnered with the Oklahoma Hospital Association to develop systems so that hospitals and affiliated clinics can educate patients and refer them to the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline. The Oklahoma Hospital Association also works to improve the health of staff and patients by promoting tobacco-free environments, healthier food options and physical activity.

The Oklahoma Hospital Association tobacco-cessation model follows four evidence-based steps:

  • Identifying all tobacco-using patients
  • Assessing addiction level and readiness to quit
  • Prescribing medications to manage withdrawal
  • Proactively referring patients to the Oklahoma Tobacco Helpline

The Bottom Line

Tobacco interventions embedded in hospital systems can successfully identify tobacco users, provide effective treatment and increase Helpline utilization. Improving the health environment at hospitals yields savings in employee health costs, increases efficiency and ensures quality care.

Last Modified on Oct 17, 2023
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