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TSET Better Health Podcast

Welcome to Better Health

The TSET Better Health Podcast is your go-to source for everything related to tobacco cessation, health, fitness and community. Join us as we cover topics like health care in rural communities, mental health and tobacco use, childhood obesity and prevention, farmers markets, life-saving research, community-based TSET Healthy Living Program grants and more. You can find us online anywhere you listen to podcasts. Please follow our Facebook page for updates.

Episode #44: Getting to the Heart of Good Health

January 31, 2024

This year, American Heart Month in February gets an added Leap Day of observance and a TSET Better Health Podcast episode dedicated to heart health and disease prevention. Cardiologist Tim Daly explains how disease develops in the heart and blood vessels over time and how to avoid it, and we'll visit a county wellness center where people of all ages gather for class and activities that are great for both heart and spirit.

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Last Modified on Jan 31, 2024