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Teachers’ Retirement System


Forms 1099-R for 2023 are now available. The fastest way to receive your 1099-R is to register for electronic delivery on MyTRS (under the Personal Information tab) and to access your 1099-R (under the TRS Membership tab). For all others, mailed forms should arrive within 1-2 weeks after January 31, 2024.  Frequently Asked Questions for 1099s can be found on the TRS website.

Pre-Retirement Information Verification REMINDER

  • When completing your Pre-Retirement Information Verification (PIV) on MyTRS (under the TRS Membership tab), please upload the following documents: 
  1. Proof of birth
  2. Joint annuitant’s proof of birth
  3. Marriage license (if applicable)
  4. Pay stub or current leave statement (if you have 120 days of unused sick leave).    
  • If any document was previously submitted to TRS, please click on the appropriate checkbox instead of uploading the document again.
  • To retire on June 1st, you must submit a PIV no later than March 1st.
  • Please see retirement timelines on the TRS website.
  • If you should have trouble with your online submission, please click here for our mailable form. Please remember to include all required documents.


Members can login or sign up to access detailed information about your account with TRS.

Retirement Planning Seminars

 Find dates and registration information here.

Taxes and Your Retirement Benefit

Your TRS retirement benefit is considered income for tax purposes.