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The Teachers’ Retirement System of Oklahoma is the largest public pension fund in Oklahoma with assets totaling $20 billion as of the last fiscal year end. TRS is a qualified governmental pension plan under the section 401(a) of in the internal revenue code. Pensions & Investments ranked TRS 133rd on the largest retirement plans in the country in 2022.

The investment goal and objectives are to fulfill the System’s Mission Statement to collect, protect, and grow assets to provide a secure retirement income for public education employees. TRS members and employers contribute to TRS to fund retirement benefits. TRS also receives some dedicated state revenue. TRS then invests those contributions for the purpose of paying benefits to members and their beneficiaries as well as paying down the plan’s unfunded liabilities.

TRS is governed by a 15-member Board of Trustees who is advised by professional staff and consultants and chooses the asset classes and the strategic asset allocation mix to accomplish our mission. The Board tracks progress toward achieving goals by setting and monitoring performance benchmarks for the total portfolio and for each asset class.


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Last Modified on Jul 25, 2023
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