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Employer Retirement Verification

TRS has introduced a new digital process for employers to submit verified retirement information as part of the member retirement process. This Employer Retirement Verification was a paper form and will be a digital process handled through the Employer Portal as of January 19th, 2019.

Please see the detailed instructions link on the bottom of this page.

ERV Process

Begins when Member applies for retirement


Available in the Employer Portal when the member’s retirement contract is printed by TRS

Employer completes the ERV1 with expected compensation, service credit, and sick leave

ERV1 is submitted to TRS via the Employer Portal


Available for completion around the time of retirement

Submitted to TRS via the Portal reporting final compensation, service credit, and sick leave

ERV2s are to be completed no later than the 15th of the month of retirement

Per 70 O.S. § 17-105(1)(a)(1)(2), if the deadline is missed, the retirement will be cancelled and the employer must rehire the member for up to 2 months

There is no grace period for ERV2s

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Last Modified on Apr 10, 2024