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Post Retirement Health Insurance Benefits


Members who retire or terminate employment with at least ten years of creditable service may be eligible to continue the insurance provided by their employer upon retirement. This can be the OMES Employees Group Insurance Plan offering or a private health insurance plan offered by the member’s school district. If the same insurance is continued into retirement, the System will pay a supplement of $100 - $105 (depending on length of service and final average salary at retirement) toward the members’ health insurance premiums. If you are enrolled in the state plan, TRS deducts the balance of monthly premiums, including dependent coverage, and forwards your premiums and the TRS supplement to the insurance plan. When you are covered by an employer health insurance plan other than the state plan, the TRS monthly premium supplement is paid directly to the local employer on your behalf, but TRS cannot deduct the balance of premiums from your monthly benefit check.

For more information on post retirement health insurance benefits, please refer to the Member Handbook or the OMES Group Insurance Division.



Last Modified on Jan 13, 2022
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