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Electronics Funds Transfer Processing

The Treasurer’s Office maintains service agreements with financial institutions for the transmission of entries via the Automated Clearing House, ACH network.  Each agreement requires compliance with rules of the National Automated Clearing House Association, NACHA. The provisions of these service agreements and the ACH rules have been taken into consideration in establishing our requirements and procedures.

The State Treasurer’s Office hosts two disbursement applications, ACES, Agency Check Entering System, and the EFT/ACH Direct Deposit System. 

  • ACES is an online system that allows agencies to process individual disbursements such as printing a warrant, originating an EFT/ACH credit transaction or initiating a wire transfer.  Agencies that elect to utilize the wire transfer option should contact OST personnel in the Comptroller Division to discuss the requirements and related procedures.
  • The EFT/ACH Direct Deposit system was designed by the OST to receive files from agencies in order to facilitate the processing of larger volume transaction files to be sent through the ACH network.

EFT/ACH User Access

Agencies electing to use the Treasurer’s EFT/ACH system must authorize individuals to administer the EFT data on behalf of the agency.  The agency must complete the necessary forms located on the State Treasurer’s website under Online Access and Banking Forms.


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Last Modified on Nov 17, 2023
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