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Investment Operations

Under state law, investments by the Treasurer's Office are limited to full faith and credit obligations of the federal government, obligations of certain federal agencies or instrumentalities, repurchase agreements collateralized by those securities, collateralized or insured certificates of deposit and other evidences of deposit, negotiable certificates of deposit, Bankers' acceptances, limited top-rated commercial paper, certain money market mutual funds, obligations of state and local governments, including obligations of Oklahoma state public trusts and bond notes, debentures or other similar obligations of a foreign government that meet specific requirements.

When practicable, investment transactions are conducted on an internet-based trading platform. This platform was developed in 2006 to allow for a more competitive process by authorized dealers and financial institutions. See the Statement of General Requirements for information and application to become an authorized dealer or financial institution.

To make sure that taxpayer dollars are safeguarded, each investment transaction is personally reviewed by the Director of Portfolio Accounting & Reporting, the Internal Auditor and the Treasurer.

Last Modified on Nov 13, 2023
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