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Warning of Unclaimed Property Phone Scams

Thursday, March 28, 2024

As many people are aware, the State Treasurer was tasked with returning unclaimed property to the people of Oklahoma in 2000. More than half of my office is specifically tasked with this job. As rewarding of a job as this is for my office and staff, there are always bad actors to beware of, a few tips to avoid them are;

  1. Beware of calls with unclaimed property refund promises.
  2. Do not accept any protection offers in any form, for any cost, over the phone.
  3. If you receive an unknown call, hang up and dial the listed phone number.

As these calls promise thousands and even millions, Oklahomans must stay on guard against scammers. Your information is important to you and my office is committed to maintaining the privacy of all Oklahomans when it comes to reuniting their unclaimed property.

Both offices, the office of the State Treasurer in the State Capitol on Lincoln and the Unclaimed Property office on May, report receiving multiple calls stating false monetary and protection promises. With these calls for money, protection in the forms of a “made-up” certificates can be offered.

Like banks, the Office of the State Treasurer and its Unclaimed Property Division will not call you for money or private information. In most unclaimed property cases, Oklahomans see an average claim amount of $1,200. In cases of large estates, heir finders look for large claims in hopes to connect an heir with their money, often receiving a twenty-five percent return in the end.

If you receive a call from a stranger, claiming any action to be done. Hang up and look up the listed phone number.

In this case, call 405-521-4273 for any unclaimed property services.

Last Modified on Apr 18, 2024
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