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Israel Bond Holding Commitment Increased in Support of the State of Israel

Thursday, November 02, 2023

State Treasurer Todd Russ announced the Oklahoma State Treasurer’s Office plans to continue holding ‘Jubilee’ bonds to support the state of Israel during their time of crisis. The current bond purchases in Israel bonds currently total $52.5 million. The Oklahoma State Treasurer’s Office has been investing in Israel bonds since 2007 and has always been a reliable and high performing investment. With our long-standing experience, Israel bonds are a safe investment proving good for the state’s portfolio.

“America and the state of Oklahoma stands with Israel, just as we always have,” said Russ. “With the ‘Jubilee bond’ investment as a high performer, it gives the state a way to give support to our top allies.”

This historic event is a good time to increase the state’s Israel bond holdings to provide monetary support and growth as part of a short and long-range investment strategy. Since purchasing a $5 million bond in mid-October, the Israeli government asked Oklahoma to consider issuing additional investment bonds. Russ states, “Our office has purchased more bonds that settle this week for $10 million bringing our total holdings to $62.5 million with Israel bonds.”

As a sound investment option, Israel bonds support the economic growth and stability of the State of Israel. “As a trusted source of investment, purchasing new bonds to Israel during the current wake of attacks will help rebuild Israel’s economy and future of one of our greatest allies,” said Russ.

The office of the State Treasurer stands together with the Oklahoma Governor to continue showing support for Israel with executive authority available to the office.

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Last Modified on Nov 07, 2023
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