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Holder Information

Online Holder Reporting

  • Electronic filing via secure online holder reporting website required for reporting 15 or more items of property (do not submit the related paper owner detail report).
  • A paper report will only be accepted if less than 15 properties are being reported. Items of value under Fifty Dollars ($50.00) should be reported in the aggregate, except property which is one of a recurring number of continuous payments, including, but not limited to, royalties, annuities, dividends, etc. – see Form 497-UP-2 Instructions – 8. (g, g1).

How to Make Payment

  • Make checks payable to Oklahoma State Treasurer Unclaimed Property Division, 9520 N. May Ave., Lower Level, Oklahoma City, OK 73120.
  • ACH/Wire is not available

Information for Banks Reporting Safe Deposit Box Contents

  • Safe Deposit Box Inventory detail must be included in the electronic file.
  • Safe Deposit Box contents that have little or no commercial value should not be reported.
  • Do not send Safe Deposit Box contents with the November report. OST will notify you in writing of its decision to accept or reject contents of each box reported.

Oklahoma Statutes Requirement

  • All business entities, except for life insurance companies, must report unclaimed property annually prior to November 1.
  • Life insurance companies must report annually prior to May 1.
  • Written notice to the owner (due diligence) must be completed 120 days prior to filing an annual report for each property with a value of $50 or more.

Unclaimed Property Remittance

  • All holder reports must be submitted with a completed and notarized Verification of Report form.
  • Worthless securities should not be reported to Oklahoma Unclaimed Property. Please refer to securities reporting document.
  • It is important to read the Holder Reporting Forms and Instructions in their entirety before remitting unclaimed property. Download the forms and instructions with the links below.

Contact Information

Unclaimed Property Division 
Oklahoma State Treasurer 
9520 N. May Ave., Lower Level
Oklahoma City , OK 73120
(405) 521-4273

Office Hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday

Holder Information Phone Number: (405) 521-4273
Fax Number: (405) 522-6777


Last Modified on Mar 07, 2024
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