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Thrive provides state employees and their families with information and opportunities to learn, grow and enrich their lives for the better. Our classes are designed to make credible information easily accessible and to have it delivered from a trusted source. Training and development classes are open to all state employees every semester. Our additional programs are available for state employees and state education employees via live webinar and will be made available on YouTube after the initial webinar.

Lunch and Learn Offerings

Please Note: For Thrive staff to come on location, there must be a minimum of 20 attendees present.

  1. Effective Stress Management
    This topic will cover what causes stress, how it affects our physical and emotional well-being and how to recognize signs and symptoms. Attendees will learn and practice effective techniques that can help to manage, improve and control the stress they face whether at work or home.
  2. Navigating Life and Work
    This presentation will guide attendees on how to use strategies and build critical skills to navigate the demands of life and work. Navigating Life and Work will give those who attend the opportunity to discover what is needed to be healthy, happy and energized each and every day.
  3. The Key Sources of Energy that Fuel You
    We run ourselves full speed ahead with no rest or downtime which makes us feel disengaged, overwhelmed and unproductive. Most U.S. employees and their families are facing this each and every day and are running on an empty tank of energy. This presentation will teach participants the 4 key energy needs that fuel each of us and how participants can increase their capacity in the workplace and beyond.
  4. Maintain a Healthy Brain by Simple Lifestyle Choices
    This topic will cover the health and functioning of our brain as we go through the aging process. Just by moving a little, knowing which foods affect the brain and the act of being mindful can maintain and improve our learning and cognition. You will learn that no matter how old one gets, you can still generate new brain cells.

Contact Thrive at to request a lunch and learn presentation.

Statewide Learning Services

  • Statewide Learning Services (SLS) provides management, leadership, and skill-based classes for all state employees. They offer a variety of leadership and certification programs that focus on skill development and improving resumes, all while meeting the workforce development needs of our state.
  • SLS provides a training schedule for you to choose classes or programs that interest you.
    • Step 1: Click Here And Log Into Workday@OK.
    • Step 2: Once in Workday@OK, click the MENU button. It is in the top left of the page.
    • Step 3: In the menu that opened on the left side of the page, scroll down to the Learning tab. Click to open the Learning section.

As an extension of Statewide Learning Services, all full-time employees now have access to LinkedIn Learning platform!

LinkedIn Learning offers over 8,000 courses for you to access from your desktop or mobile device at your convenience. These courses are taught by industry experts and geared to develop or enhance your business, creative, and technical skills. You can also earn supervisory credit and CPE/CEUS from LinkedIn Learning.

Self-Care Is Healthcare

This is about simple, everyday activities that help you improve your physical and mental health, keeping you healthier, happier, and more in-tune with your life. The six-part series runs about 25 minutes in total. During this interactive course, you will discuss self-care and how it can help us both mentally and physically, why self-care is so important, stress and burnout, and the different types of self-care. The eight dimensions of wellness we’ll be discussing are: Physical, Intellectual, Emotional, Social, Financial, Spiritual, Environmental, and Professional. Resources for assistance with the eight dimensions of wellness are also included.

Last Modified on Apr 01, 2024