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Episode X: Spirituality, Hope, and Health with Jon Middendorf

Host Susan Robinson, Ed. D., is joined by Oklahoma City First Church of the Nazarene Pastor Jon Middendorf to discuss spirituality and religion and how these can positively impact overall individual wellness by providing purpose, hope and enhanced health.


Episode IX: Movement and Motivation with Jeff Hambrecht

Host Susan Robinson, Ed. D., is joined by HealthChoice Health and Wellness Coordinator Jeff Hambrecht to discuss the importance of routine movement and exercise and finding the motivation to get started and stay on track.

The episode also offers resources and information for HealthChoice members to take advantage of incentivized health and movement programs.

Episode VIII: Nutritional Coaching and Healthy Eating with Hannah Kinard

Host Susan Robinson, Ed. D., is joined by Nutritional Health Coach Hannah Kinard to discuss the importance of eating nourishing foods and making healthy choices.

The episode offers resources and guidance for clean eating, changing your diet, and incorporating wholesome habits into daily life.

Episode VII: Wellness Visits and Proactive Health Measures with Dr. Thomas Nunn

Host Susan Robinson, Ed.D., is joined by OMES chief medical officer Dr. Thomas Nunn to highlight the importance of annual physician screenings and regular health maintenance.

The episode provides recommendations for maintaining optimal health through wellness visits, diet, and exercise.


Episode VI: The Health Benefits of Efficient Work Environments With Dr. Loren McElroy

Host Susan Robinson, Ed.D., is joined by Dr. Loren McElroy to discuss the importance of ergonomics at your workstation.

The episode highlights the health impact of poor posture and provides tips for proper alignment in prolonged positions.

Episode V: Fire Prevention and Preparedness with Major Gregory Bradford

Host Susan Robinson, Ed.D., is joined by OKC Fire Department senior risk reduction officer Maj. Gregory Bradford to discuss fire prevention and preparedness.

This episode highlights educational programs and other services from the OKC Fire Department and provides tips for preventing fires and keeping your home safe.

Episode IV: Chaos in the Environment Creates Chaos in the Mind with Catherine Warren

Host Susan Robinson, Ed.D., is joined by professional home organizer Catherine Warren, owner of Bee Organized in Oklahoma City, to discuss life's messes, how to clean and organize them and how organization can positively impact one's outlook.

For chaos small or large, organization is the key to a simplified and relaxed daily routine. This episode brings insight into the services offered by Bee Organized and provides tips you can incorporate into your routine.


Episode III: Building Hope and Resilience with Lori Walls

Host Susan Robinson, Ed.D., and Lori Walls delve into what the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is and how employees can utilize resources offered by EAP.

Listen in to learn about how employees can build hope and resilience and ditch the stigma surrounding seeking help.

Episode II: Balancing Stress, Burnout, and Change with Dr. Brian Luke Seaward (cont.)

Host Susan Robinson, Ed.D., and Dr. Brian Luke Seaward continue the discussion of stress and its evolution, the pandemic's impact on burnout, how change influences daily life and finding balance in times of change or stress.

Episode I: Balancing Stress, Burnout, and Change with Dr. Brian Luke Seaward

Host Susan Robinson, Ed.D., and guest Dr. Brian Luke Seaward dive into the abyss of stress and burnout to explore the differences between the two, their impact on daily life and how they have evolved in our constantly connected world.

They also address the ramifications of the pandemic, its effect on our lives and how it augmented burnout; the influence of change and finding balance throughout it all.

Last Modified on May 14, 2024