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Telework Toolkit

As the COVID-19 situation continues to develop in Oklahoma, OMES has been working to put alternative plans in place to ensure we are able to continue serving Oklahomans. We take a broad approach to service continuity and are committed to service and safety for all Oklahomans.

With than in mind, we have put together this toolkit to provide you with a guide to the tools OMES offers that will help make teleworking seamless. We are working closely with our cloud partners to ensure that our increased usage of tools, like O365, will continue to result in a positive customer experience. 

If you do not have access to resources like a Virtual Private Network (VPN) or other tools listed below, please work with your Designated Security Representative or contact the OMES Service Desk by or phone (405-521-2444) with any questions.

Workers' Compensation

Office 365

O365 is a cloud-based offering that allows you to be productive while teleworking by providing access to many of the same email and collaboration features you’re accustomed to while in the office.

One of O365’s biggest benefits is the fact that you can use it securely on personal devices if you do not have access to a state-owned device.

If the majority of your work can be done by email, we highly recommend using O365 as opposed to a VPN or VDI in order to conserve the state’s network.

Below are other O365 resources for common tools like email, chat and file sharing:

  • Teams
    • Teams is a great tool to keep in contact with your colleagues, collaborate while teleworking and hold productive meetings.
    • Teams can be used on your mobile device or computer so you can take meetings from anywhere.
    • Guide to get started collaborating and meeting in Teams (link opens in new window)

Virtual Private Network Access


Zscaler is the state's Virtual Private Network (VPN) standard solution.

Pulse Secure is a VPN tool that allows you to securely connect to the state’s network while teleworking. Pulse is a good solution if you need to access shared drives that are not on O365 or regularly deal with regulated data (HIPAA, FERPA, etc.).


Azure Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Azure VDI provides a robust experience similar to using your desktop in the office. This is also a good alternative to O365 if you regularly deal with regulated data. 

  • Guide to access your VDI (link opens in new window)
  • Additional information on how to maximize your access to agency-specific applications will be coming soon.

Of critical importance: Once again, if the majority of your work can be done by email, we highly recommend using O365 as opposed to a VPN or VDI in order to conserve the state’s network.

Additional O365 Resources

O365 (links open in new window)

Staying secure while working from home

(Links opens in new window)

Telework Quick Starts

(Links open in new window

LinkedIn Teleworking Courses

Links open in new window

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