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Vendor Registration

ATTENTION: All OMES vendor forms have been updated. Please visit Central Accounting and Reporting Forms to download the most recent forms.


Vendors pending contract award to a bid released by Central Purchasing or other Oklahoma state agency must register with the state.


Online vendor registration is required of all payees of Oklahoma state agencies. However, the registration type and its requirements differ based on the purpose of payment and whether a procurement activity is applicable.

When creating a new registration account, registrants must select from two different registration account types:

  • Bid Notification Registration (Procurement)

This registration type serves to register the entity for bid notification and procurement qualification purposes.

Registration entitles a supplier to receive all bid notices for the commodity classes specified within the registration process for a period of one year. Additionally, contracts or purchase orders greater than $5,000 which are subject to 74 O.S The Central Purchasing Act and Rules, require the vendor to be registered prior to agency award. There are limited circumstances where an exemption to this registration requirement may be granted, such as Fair and Reasonable acquisitions less than $5,000, Fixed Rate acquisitions, Professional Service acquisitions, and Interagency or other Governmental entity acquisitions. This registration process includes direct deposit enrollment, procurement qualification, as well as bid notification registration for UNSPSC category codes matching the goods or services offered by the vendor. BID NOTIFICATION registration is subject to a $25 registration fee per FAMILY code registered and requires annual renewal.

  • Financial Registration (Direct Deposit Enrollment)

This registration type should be selected by individuals and businesses receiving payments from Oklahoma state agencies where an exchange of goods or services is not applicable or where a procurement registration exemption is applicable. Entities providing goods or services, should first verify the registration type required by the state agency prior to registering. 


Pursuant to 74 O.S. § 85.33.B:

  • A vendor may register with Central Purchasing to be placed on the supplier list for bid notification.

  • Registration entitles a supplier to receive all bid notices for the commodity classes specified by the vendor in the registration process for a period of one year. 

  • The vendor registration fee is $25 for each family code for which the vendor desires registration.

  • Vendor registration must be renewed annually.

  • Registered vendors will be automatically notified of opportunities to do business with the state for the specific commodities for which they chose to register for notification.

  • The following items describe information requested by the vendor registration application. To expedite the application process, vendors are encouraged to have the information readily available prior to beginning the registration application. If your company is not currently transacting business in the State of Oklahoma, you may not have some of the items listed. However, any vendor selected for award of a contract with the state of Oklahoma must meet the requirements prior to the issuance of a purchase order.

    • Email address - if possible, we encourage all vendors to create a central email address, to which all state bidding e-mail correspondence can be sent. A central email for your organization will assure personnel changes or employee absences do not inhibit your ability to receive timely notifications of state bidding opportunities.

    • An Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit Number and its expiration date, or an explanation of the claimed exemption status. (FAQs) For additional information regarding the Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit requirements, visit the OKTAP website or contact the Oklahoma Tax Commission Permit offices directly at 405-521-3160.

    • An Oklahoma Secretary of State filing number, or explanation of the claimed exemption status. For additional information concerning the Oklahoma Secretary of State filing requirements, visit the Oklahoma Secretary of State website or contact the Oklahoma Secretary of State Business Filings offices at (405) 522-2520.

    • A Worker’s Compensation Liability Insurance Certificate (PDF), or explanation of the claimed exemption status. For additional information concerning Oklahoma Workers' Compensation insurance coverage requirements, visit the Worker’s Compensation Commission website or contact the Oklahoma Workers' Compensation Commission at (405) 522-3222 or Toll Free (855) 291-3612.

      Effective May 1, 2020, a new certificate holder address will be applicable for Worker’s Compensation Liability Insurance Certificates provided by vendors to Oklahoma state agencies for state procurement contracts and purchase orders.

      Agencies should contact their vendors and request all future documentation submitted reflect the below information in the Certificate Holder field on the bottom left corner of the Worker’s Compensation Liability Insurance Certificate. Vendors should contact their insurance providers to notify them of the changes and to request an updated certificate be issued. Insurance providers may submit all annual renewal certificates via email to Documents not provided by the insurance agency directly, should be uploaded by the vendor within Step II of the vendor’s online registration account.

      Certificate Holder:

      State of OklahomaVendor Registration2401 N Lincoln Blvd., Suite 202Oklahoma City, OK 73105Email:

    • Verification of Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business status and supporting federal certification document validating veteran owner's service related disability. Businesses claiming Service Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Status as defined in 74 O.S. §85.44E will also be required to include the following documentation with all future bid responses:

  1. Certification of owner's service-disabled veteran status, as verified by the appropriate federal agency.
  2. Verification of not less than 51% ownership by one or more service-disabled veterans.
  3. Verification of the control of the management and daily business operations by one or more   service-disabled veterans.

For frequently asked questions regarding disabled veteran status, please visit the VA website.  Oklahoma Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Business statutes, guidelines and requirements are defined in 74 O.S. §85.44E.

  • Vendors must complete the nine-step online registration process, which require business information about their company, a substitute W-9 form and designation of the commodity codes/classifications the company is interested in. It is recommended vendors search UNSPSC Website Code Posting to identify the applicable commodity codes prior to beginning the registration application. However, you will have the option to select and de-select a family, class and commodity during the online registration process before finalizing your application.

  • Payment information related to a bank checking account or VISA, MasterCard or American Express credit card. All payments are made through an encrypted secure server and payment information is not stored after a transaction. Vendors receive confirmation after their registration is validated and approved by the vendor registration officer.

Note to Vendors: The State of Oklahoma does not provide legal advice regarding exemptions from sales tax permit, secretary of state and workers' compensation insurance registrations.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not necessary for a vendor to be registered with the Central Purchasing Division of the Office of Management and Enterprise Services (OMES) in order to bid. However, Vendor Registration is required of any vendor that desires to automatically receive bid notifications via email or fax. All vendors who are not registered on the State of Oklahoma Vendor Registration list must complete the W-9 (Non-US persons or entities are required to submit form W-8BEN) and submit with their bid response. Failure to do so may delay contract award.

The FIRST TIME USER registration process will prompt registrants for their email address and the tax payer identification number for the entity being registered (FEIN for registered businesses or SSN for individuals).

Vendors with an existing vendor record in the state payment system wishing to register for procurement or payment purposes, must also enter their state vendor ID and a PIN.

To request a PIN vendors must first have their authorized financial representative complete vendor documentation provided by the paying state agency. The documentation should verify the authorized individual with the requisite authority to maintain the direct deposit payment information provided within the registration account. The authorized representative is then provided the secure PIN required to create a registration account.

Yes (REF: Mandatory Vendor Registration for Contract Award ) If the contract value is greater than $5,000 and falls under Title 74, then the vendor is required to be registered.  There are limited circumstances where an exemption may be granted such as Fair and Reasonable acquisitions – less than $5,000, Fixed Rate acquisitions, Professional Service acquisitions, and Interagency or other Governmental entity acquisitions.

The person signing the W-9 must be an individual authorized to sign for the company and execute the CERTIFICATION: Under penalties of perjury, I certify.......(1) The number shown on this form is my correct taxpayer identification number....(2). I am not subject to backup withholding......etc.

  • Taxpayer Identification Number - When creating a new registration account, registrant’s are required to enter the Taxpayer Identification Number (TIN) for the entity being registered for contract award and/or payment purposes. The TIN will be a Federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) for a business or a Social Security Number (SSN) for an individual or sole proprietor. Name and TIN information provided must match IRS filing records and the TIN on file for the payee within the state payment system. Individuals registering a legal business entity (i.e. Corporation or LLC) should not provide their individual SSN.
  • Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit Number- Registrants completing procurement registration are also asked ‘Do you have an Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit?’ and must then provide their Oklahoma Sales Tax Permit number and its expiration date. Entities not selling tangible personal property or goods may provide a NO response, all other entities should visit the Oklahoma Tax Commission website for additional information.

Yes. When responding to a solicitation, state Bidders proposing confidentiality of response must adhere to the requirements outlined within the Bidder Instructions document provided by the state agency within the published solicitation. Detailed instructions regarding confidentiality requests may be found in Sections 6 and 8.2C of the Bidder Instructions.

No portion of a Bid shall be considered confidential after award of the Contract except, pursuant to 74 O.S. §85.10, information in the Bid deemed confidential by the State Purchasing Director or delegate. Unless otherwise specified in the Oklahoma Open Records Act, Central Purchasing Act, or other applicable law, documents and information a Bidder submits as part of or in connection with a Bid are public records and are subject to disclosure after contract award pursuant to OAC 260:115-3-9.

Failure to fully comply with instructions regarding proposed confidential information shall result in the proposed information being deemed NOT confidential and will be subject to an Open Records request.      

There is a registration fee of $25.00 for each Family code a supplier chooses to register for.

Any sub-category that falls under that Family code is included within that fee (the commodity structure consists of four levels and the charge is applied to second level).

The fee is due at the time of registration and during yearly renewal.

The fee is due at the time of registration and upon annual renewal.

NIGP: National Institute of Governmental Purchasing -

UNSPSC: United Nations Standard Products and Services Code -

Vendor Registration code structure is tiered and organized by the following: Segment > Family > Class > Commodity

Vendors pay the $25 fee per family code.  The fee includes all class and commodity codes that fall under that family code.

ID Name Type of Code Fee
10000000 Live plant and animal material and accessories and supplies Segment None
10100000 Live Animals Family $25.00
10101500 Livestock Class   Included in the Family code fee  
10101501 Cats Commodity
10101502 Dogs
10101503 Mink
10101504 Rats
10101505 Horses

Vendors will begin their selection at the family level. Vendors are required to select the class and commodity level codes.

Please visit their website at

It is recommended for vendors to search UNSPSC Website Code Posting for applicable Commodity Codes prior the registration. This will provide the current code listing that is in our system.  When registering online, vendors have the possibility to select and deselect Family, Class and Commodity before finalizing their registration.

It is the policy of OMES not to provide legal advice to vendors with regards to the requirements of the Oklahoma sales tax permit, registration with the secretary of state, or worker’s compensation certificate.  State law requires that buyers/contracting officers verify this information prior to a contract award.  Please contact the respective agency to find out the requirements.  Their contact information is located on the vendor registration web page.

Submitted certificates should assign the Certificate Holder, located on the bottom left corner, as follows:

State of OklahomaVendor Registration2401 N Lincoln Blvd., Suite 202Oklahoma City, OK 73105Email:

The PeopleSoft log in allows a vendor access to the same system as the state uses to issues purchase orders and payments.  By creating a PeopleSoft log in, vendors may review purchase orders and payments that have been issued based on the PeopleSoft vendor ID.

Please allow 3-5 business days to process the PeopleSoft log in request.  If the problem persists, please contact the OMES Help Desk at (405) 521-2444 or toll free at (866) 521-2444.

If you are an existing user and you DO NOT remember your login/password information, select the 'Forgot Login' or 'Forgot Password' link and follow the instructions on the upcoming screens.

Yes, progress can be saved at any point in the registration process by selecting ‘Save’ on the current step. Completion of each registration step requires all asterisked (*) fields to be completed and ‘Save and Submit’ selected within the step.

Your registration will not be effective until completing all steps of the registration account and submitting the registration for approval on the last step. BID NOTIFICATION/PROCUREMENT registration also requires registration and payment for at least one child level UNSPSC category code. Current registration approval status and instructions for submission will be reflected on the last step of the registration account.

Commodities are structured similar to a parent - child relationship: Family > Class > Commodity. For each Family code there must be at least one Class selected; and, for each Class at least one Commodity. Selection of  several Families can increase the possibility of missing a Commodity during the selection process, and the system is designed to trigger an alert because of the omitted information.

Before in order to login you were required to provide an email address associated with the registration. Click "Forgot Password" and follow the steps There can only be one account associated with the FEI number. Registration was attempted or even completed for this FEI number but under a different user name and e-mail address.

There can only be one account associated with the FEI number. Registration was attempted or even completed for this FEI number but under different user name and email address.


Contact Us

  1. Please first check Frequently Asked Questions on the left side of this page.

  2. For online vendor registration technical support (problems with login, payment, etc), email the or call 405-521-2444.

  3. For questions regarding Vendor Registration, State Vendor File Information or PeopleSoft E-Supplier User ID and password, email the, or call 405-521-2444.

  4. For questions regarding solicitations or bidding, please contact the state buyer listed on the solicitation event.

  5. For questions regarding purchase orders, payments and shipments, please contact the state agency directly.

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