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Organizational & Development Consultative Services

The Organizational Development Consultative Service's mission is to provide our partners with support, guidance, and resources to empower their organizational development initiatives. 

If you choose to be our Partner, we develop an initial assessment of your agency's culture and learning needs through results of the annual OKSEES survey. Then, we interview you to identify specific needs and challenges your team is facing. Next, we create a unique development plan for your team, often including workshops led by an ODCS facilitator. Development plans consist of different learning modalities, including on-demand eLearning, facilitator led workshops, or (optional) additional-cost solutions. Finally, after implementation of the development plan, we evaluate the outcomes of our strategies for continuous improvement.


Scope of Services

Welcome Packet

Here's what our current partners have to say about our services:

Last Modified on Mar 09, 2023
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