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OMES Internal Learning Services

Learning and Development opportunities within OMES are now just a click away. Whether you want on-demand learning through our LinkedIn Learning partnership or want to attend one of the many in-person training opportunities throughout the year, OMES internal training is here to serve OMES employees.

The OMES internal training mission is to better equip OMES employees to serve those who serve Oklahomans. Explore programs we have created to prepare you for top-notch service:

Welcome to OMES

Welcome to OMES – OMES's new employee onboarding is held on the second Tuesday of every month. The mandatory class is in-person at the Will Rogers building and held at the EGID conference room and serves as an introduction to the culture of OMES and an introduction to the 5 Voices.  

Purpose of Welcome to OMES:   

  • to introduce similar cultural standards to all employees.   
  • to use the 5 voices and be confident in the shared OMES language.  
  • to show self-awareness is held in high regard at OMES.   
  • to proactively identify potential areas of conflict among employee voice types.  
  • to highlight the strengths of each voice type and how vital they are to the team.  
  • to introduce new employees to all departments and eliminate agency silos.  
  • to demystify leadership and present them in an inspiring and involved manner.  

View the eLearning Welcome to OMES.

Race to 100%

OMES internal training is responsible for tracking and maintaining OMES supervisory credits. Our goal for 2023 is for 100% of OMES supervisors to meet 100% of their Mandatory Supervisor Training requirement. A little friendly competition among OMES Divisions – winners of this annual race will receive the new Mandatory Mustang Trophy for their speed in completing 100% of their mandatory supervisor training credits.


You have been identified as someone who should be in the driver's seat; ACCELERATE your career. ACCELERATE cohort members will be an intra-agency group of on-the-rise supervisors and directors seeking additional leadership training and coaching to help them get to the next level of their careers.


The OMES program that takes your self-awareness, team performance and professional skills to a whole new level. Divisions within OMES have partnered with OMES internal training to offer specific training plans for their teams.


OMES Internal Training

Last Modified on Dec 05, 2023
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