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Terms and Definitions

Acquisition: Items, products, materials, supplies, services and equipment a state agency acquires by purchase, lease purchase, lease with option to purchase, or rental pursuant to the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act.

Addendum: A written modification to a contract.

Alteration: A modification an offeror makes to a solicitation response prior to the response due date.

Alternate or Alternative Offer: An offer, which contains an intentional substantive variation to a basic provision, specification, term or condition of the solicitation.

Amendment: A written change, addition, correction, or revision to a solicitation made by the state agency responsible for making the acquisition.

Bid: An offer in the form of a bid, proposal or quote an offeror submits in response to a solicitation.

Bidder: An individual or business entity that submits a bid or proposal in response to an invitation to bid or a request for proposal. When used in this Chapter, bidder is synonymous with a "supplier" , "vendor", or "offeror" responding to a solicitation.

Business Entity: Any individual, business, partnership, joint venture, corporation, S-corporation, limited liability corporation, limited liability partnership, limited liability limited partnership, sole proprietorship, joint stock company, consortium, or other legal entity recognized by statute.

COTS: Commercial off the Shelf.

Contract: The final agreement under which the services and/or products shall be governed.

Contractor: The Business Entity with whom the State enters into this contract.

Close of Business: 5:00PM Central Time

Closing Date: The date the RFP closes, also proposal opening date, and response due date.

Government Entities: State Agencies, Boards, Commissions, Authorities, Oklahoma Counties, Cities, Schools, Hospitals, Regents of Higher Education, Colleges, Universities, Municipalities, or political subdivisions.

Minor Deficiency or Minor Informality: An immaterial defect in a response or variation in a bid from the exact requirements of a solicitation that may be correct or waived without prejudice to other offerors. A minor deficiency or informality does not affect the price, quantity, quality, delivery or conformance to specifications and is negligible in comparison to the total cost or scope of the acquisition.

Offer: shall be synonymous with "bid", "proposal", "quote" or other similar term.

Offeror: shall be synonymous with "supplier" "vendor", "bidder", or other similar term.

Procuring Agency: The State of Oklahoma Agency initiating the procurement.

Request for Information (RFI): A non-binding procurement practice used to obtain information, comments, and feedback from interested parties or potential suppliers prior to issuing a solicitation.

State: The government of the State of Oklahoma, its employees and authorized representatives, including without limitation any department, agency, or other unit of the government of the State of Oklahoma. References to "State" in this document refer to the Office of Management and Enterprise Services - ISD.

State Agency: Includes any office, officer, bureau, board, counsel, court, commission, institution, unit, division, body, or house of the executive or judicial branches of the State government, whether elected or appointed, excluding only political subdivisions of the State.

State CIO: The State Chief Information Officer, as used herein the CIO has the same authority as the State Purchasing Director for all IT and Telecommunications purchasing and are used interchangeably.

Solicitation: A request or invitation by the State Purchasing Director or a State agency for an offeror to submit a priced offer to sell acquisitions to the State. A solicitation may be an invitation to bid, request for proposal, or a request for quotation.

Last Modified on Jun 29, 2022
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