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Policies and Standards

The statutory duties, responsibilities and authority of the CIO and Information Services are set forth as follows:

  1. In a portion of the Oklahoma State Finance Act, located at 62 O.S. Sections 34.11.1 through 34.33.
  2. In the Information Technology Consolidation and Coordination Act located at 62 O.S. Sections 35.1 through 35.9.
  3. In the Oklahoma Administrative Code located at OAC Title 260, Chapter 115.


  • Administrator Account Standard
  • Agency Electronic Information Request Standard
  • Application Software Support Standard
  • Azure Virtual Desktop Standard
  • Background Check Standard
  • Biometric Data Security Standard
  • Cloud Computing Standard
  • Confidential Technology Standard
  • Data Classification Security Standard
  • Data Encryption Standard
  • Data Privacy Standard
  • Domain Name Standard
  • Election Technology Standard  - CONFIDENTIAL
  • Electronic Discovery Vendor Standard
  • Email Acceptable Use Standard
  • Email Naming Convention Standard
  • Email Protection Standard
  • Hardware Support Standard
  • Identity Management Standard
  • Incident Response Standard
  • International Network Traffic Blocking Standard  - CONFIDENTIAL
  • International Travel Standard
  • IT Contractor Requirements Standard
  • Kiosk Workstation Security Standard
  • Life Safety Systems Standard
  • Lottery Technology Standard  - CONFIDENTIAL
  • Network Acceptable Use Standard
  • Non-State Employee Email Account Designation Standard
  • Offshore Data Storage Standard
  • Password Requirements Standard
  • Patch Management Standard
  • Personal Device Standard
  • Physical Access Control Standard
  • Physical Security Systems Standard
  • Physical Security Systems Technical Specifications  - CONFIDENTIAL
  • Productivity Software Suite Standard
  • Reference Architecture Standard
  • Security Awareness Training Standard
  • Security Services Standard
  • Software Architecture Standard
  • Software Licensing Standard
  • Standards as Policy Standard
  • Supply Chain Security Standard
  • System Acceptable Use Standard
  • System Information Integrity Standard
  • System Logging, Reviews and Privacy Standard
  • Third Party Risk Management Standard
  • Transport Layer Security Standard
  • Video Conferencing Standard
  • Vulnerability Disclosure Standard
  • Vulnerability Scanning Standard
  • Web Proxy for Business Needs Standard







    Progress Report on Unification

    The State of Oklahoma's Chief Information Officer (CIO) is required to produce a quarterly report that provides an update as to the status of the unification of information technology (IT). 

    Last Modified on May 22, 2023
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