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Data Driven Services

OMES Data-Driven Services is dedicated to supporting Oklahoma State agencies with data management tools, platforms and services. The team provides:

  • State Data Platform management and oversight
  • Data solutions through business intelligence, data science, and reporting and analytics
  • Database administration, data storage management, data modernization, and data archival

Data-Driven Services helps state agencies find the latest data management and technology tools to align with agency priorities and initiatives. The result is an even more efficient, transparent and accountable state government.

View announcements to learn more about the Data-Driven Services team projects.

If you have any requests for data management or questions, please contact the OMES Data-Driven Services.

Data Science Models

With our People, Financials, and Assets models, the state can proactively: 

  •   Identify service eligibility for citizens. 
  •   Provide the most beneficial services for citizens. 
  •   Enable more transparency on finances. 
  •   Provide real time insight to make data-driven decisions. 

People, Financials, Assets Models – Property 

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Last Modified on Nov 08, 2023
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