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The State Data Platform provides transparency, security, and accountability of state data.  

The platform connects individual state agencies that offer complimentary services, from food benefits and school attendance to mental health and driver’s license support.  

The hub-and-spoke data sharing style allows agencies to work together to improve lives of Oklahomans and give the citizen control of their data, while ensuring all information is protected and secure.

The State of Oklahoma is proud to introduce the DASH Application (, a groundbreaking addition to our State Data Platform. DASH, standing for Data Sharing Hub, is designed to revolutionize the way state agencies share and manage data. This innovative application provides a secure, efficient and user-friendly environment for data exchange, addressing common challenges in interagency data sharing.

By leveraging DASH, agencies can now share any data safely and securely, ensuring that confidentiality and integrity are maintained at all times. The application supports a wide array of data management functions, including dynamic schema uploads, data file ingestion, and secure retrieval token issuance, all within a platform that prioritizes data security through robust encryption and decryption methods.

The DASH Application allows for three essential roles within the data management ecosystem: Data Owners, who manage access requests; Data Consumers, who seek access to datasets; and Platform Admins, who monitor operations and grant final approvals. This structure ensures that data sharing is not only seamless but also governed by strict access controls, thus facilitating a balanced approach to data accessibility and security.

Data Services is committed to the State Data Platform, and our enterprise data capabilities.  The DASH Application represents a significant step forward in our journey towards a more connected, data-driven government. Through DASH, we aim to empower state agencies with the tools they need to share and analyze data more effectively, driving insights and decisions that benefit all Oklahomans.

  • Building interactive data driven reports
  • Providing self-service analytics to enable decision makers across state government
  • Creating predictive data models to enable forward looking, informed decision making
  • Analytics to drive insights in a timely fashion

  • Providing machine learning and AI models to inform state decisions
  • Creating modern predictive models to guide the state going forward

Database Administration ensures the maximum availability, integrity and security of agency data.

Database administration involves using cutting-edge technology to create new or update existing databases for state agencies based on agency data collection needs.

Data is one of the most valuable resources that the State of Oklahoma maintains. To protect and appropriately manage it, Data-Driven Services ensures that records are:

  • Securely Stored based on sensitivity and compliance requirements.
  • Easily accessible across state agencies.
  • Retained for the appropriate amount of time based on legal requirements.

The Data- Driven Services team is also moving forward with:

  • Data Platform Consolidation to reduce the cost and risk associated with maintaining data.
  • Data Platform Modernization to increase the ability to query, link, and share data.

The Data-Driven Services team helps modernize and increase the efficiency of state agency services with data solutions, data science and reporting as well as data management.

Our services, like the state data platform result in an even more transparent, efficient and accountable state government making data-driven decisions.

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Last Modified on Apr 15, 2024
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