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Security Education Awareness Training (SEAT)

Agency enrollment for Security Education Awareness Training (SEAT) is now available.

Full-time and contracted agency employees with access to state networks or data need to complete training by Dec. 18, 2023.

Training includes:

  1. Kevin Mitnick Security Module
    A 45-minute overview of online safety that continues that tradition of educating employees on topics ranging from password safety to cyber scams.
  2. Phishing campaigns
    You may receive fake phishing emails over the year to test your reaction and response. Remedial training will be sent to those who fail to avoid selecting a phishing link.

Additional training includes:

  • Regulatory topics: HIPAA, FERPA, PCI, PII, etc.
  • Role-based topics regarding leadership, finance and IT.
  • Gamified activities.

Please schedule a Teams call through the OMES Technical Training bookings page to discuss SEAT rollout for your agency.

Last Modified on Sep 28, 2023
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