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Zscaler Virtual Private Network

Zscaler’s Client Connector is currently the primary virtual private network (VPN) solution for the state.

Once you have installed Zscaler as your VPN, you do not need to open it daily as it will continue to run while in use. Please refer to this guide for instructions on how to connect Zscaler’s Client Connector to your device.

Visit Zscaler’s resource page for additional information on Zscaler.

Got questions? Take a look at our frequently asked questions for more information.

Zscaler Updates

Zscaler is releasing new features to make the state more secure and stop threats earlier and easier. New features of this rollout include Workload Segmentation, Cloud Access Security Broker and Digital Experience.

Zscaler Workload Segmentation

ZWS will further improve security posture, reduce attack surface and reduce/eliminate the impact of lateral movement of malicious content from application to application. It will also assist in improving operational effectiveness and reduce hardware dependency, support cloud adoption and consolidate platforms and cost containment and extend zero trust capabilities to app-to-app communication.

Zscaler Cloud Access Security Broker

CASB will assist in improving security, compliance, control of data, privacy and policy enforcement. It will also extend Zscaler Internet Access foundational efforts to data at rest and standardize policy and enable enforcement of policy.

Zscaler Digital Experience

ZDX improves visibility and reduces support tickets, reducing the mean time to recovery for incidents. The Zscaler Digital Experience allows a “work from anywhere” environment with the baseline of system and connectivity requirements for remote employees. This also allows simplified visibility to the OMES Service Desk, ITOCC and OMES Oklahoma Cyber Command for all employees.

How Does This Impact You?

These new features enhance our security posture across all cloud environments and ensure your data is more secure. Because most state employees currently use Zscaler as the primary VPN, these features will automatically populate to your device and there is no need for updating, installing or effort on your end.

Last Modified on Sep 28, 2023
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