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Monthly IS Updates

Customer Success + IT Operations

The Customer Success and IT Operations team is implementing service improvements and ensuring physicals moves go smoothly.

Recent projects:

  • Upgrade ServiceNow version from Tokyo to Vancouver.

  • Service Oklahoma – Go-live of new agency and user migration.

Moving information and support:

Is your office planning a move to a new location? OMES is standing by to assist. 

A move is a complex undertaking that requires careful planning and coordination. In addition to the physical relocation of furniture and equipment, there are technical considerations that must be addressed.

  • Hardware: All hardware must be inventoried, packed, and transported to the new location. This includes computers, servers, printers, networking equipment, and any other critical devices. Careful attention must be paid to ensure that all hardware is properly labeled and protected during the move.  

  • Telecom circuits: All telecom circuits must be reconnected at the new location. This includes phone lines, internet connections and any other dedicated circuits. It is important to coordinate with telecom providers well in advance of the move to ensure that all circuits are available on the move date. Circuit moves can take up to six weeks or longer.

Please complete the OMES move form if your office is planning a move.

Networks + Servers

The Network and Server team steadily supports infrastructure for state data and applications. 

Recent projects:

  • Eddie Warrior Correctional Center-Cox phone installation.

  • Network refresh for OIDS Guymon.

  • DRS - Firewall migration cutover.

  • DOC - Woodward PnP circuit cutover.

  • ODOT Wewoka switch refresh.

  • OTRD Lake Murray JunOS upgrade.

  • DOC-JEHCC-Cox phone installation.

  • Fish lab Wi-Fi install.

  • DHS Classen Ct. ISP cutover.

  • Circuit cutover for DHS OKC Classen.

Upcoming projects:

  • OIDS - Guymon - Network upgrade - Nov. 29.

  • OIDS - NORMAN - Network hardware upgrade - Nov. 30.

  • DOC - Firewall migration cutover - Dec. 3.  

  • OJA Sulphur - Replace existing network equipment with SRX firewall - Dec. 5.

  • OIDS - Woodward - Network hardware upgrade - Dec. 6.

  • Tulsa POP migration (State Office Building to UCAT) - Dec. 7.

  • OESC - Ada - Circuit cutover - Dec. 14.  

  • OESC - Pryor - Circuit cutover - Dec. 15.

  • 2024 1st Quarter Core Network Maintenance Window - Feb. 4.  


The Cyber Command team continually performs updates and upgrades to ensure digital safety for state users. 

Recent projects:

  • Azure MFA - Enable System-Preferred MultiFactor Authentication (Statewide).

  • Enabled USB monitoring for Crowdstrike-protected MacOS machines. 

  • Working with Idemia and Service Oklahoma to implement all Crowdstrike protections. 

  • Continued roll-out of Tanium agent to all managed workstations.

Upcoming projects:

  • Zscaler Strict Enforcement (requiring login to Zscaler to enable general internet/web access).

Last Modified on Nov 30, 2023
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