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Time Tracking for OMES Employees

OMES employees are responsible for submitting their time by the deadline set by OMES’ Human Resources department.
  1. Beginning on the Workday@OK homepage, select View all Apps → Time.
  2. Select the appropriate period (e.g., this week, last week or select a specific week).
  3. Workday@OK will display the page Enter Time by Type.
  4. Using the table format, enter the appropriate details considering the below options:
    1. Time Type: The Time Type field is used to either designate the absence type or project.
      1. Absence: Select the Absence option and then select the appropriate leave type to be reported. Note: If the leave was submitted and approved through the Request Time Off process then it should already be displayed on the timecard.
      2. Projects: Enter the first few digits of the project code (for example, 090P) and a list of valid values will be displayed. Project codes in Workday@OK will combine agency number, project ID and activity ID with an underscore symbol separating each (i.e.090_090X00####_###).
      3. Time Entry: These codes should not be used by OMES employees. Time entry codes, if needed, would be selected under the worktag. For additional assistance identifying the correct project code, please contact your supervisor or Human Resources.
    2. Worktag(s): Worktags are used in place of the Resource Category, User Field 1, User Field 2 and User Field 3 fields. Multiple Worktags can be entered on a single row, but only one selection can be made from each category
    3. c. Hours (elapsed time): For each day, enter the total number of hours that were worked (e.g., 8 instead of 08:00-17:00). If you have multiple projects or have more than one time type (e.g., 2 hours Sick), please ensure those hours are included on a separate row by selecting the plus icon (+) as the top of the column. Create a new row by selecting the plus (+) symbol.
      1. Resource Category: The system does not require the Resource Category be entered but this field may be required for some OMES project time reporting (primarily IT related projects). The Resource Category can be manually entered or selected from the dropdown. Managers should verify this information is filled in correctly when approving time.
      2. User Fields 1, 2 and 3: These fields are used as needed. The user may enter the User Field value or select it from the dropdown. Make sure to only select the user fields beginning with ‘090_’. Here is where OMES employees will also enter user field 1, user field 2 and user field 3 data as applicable to the time entry submission. To enter additional rows of information, select the (+) icon in the top left-hand corner of the table. Please consult your supervisor or Human Resources for additional information on how OMES uses these fields.
    4. Comments: Enter details related to the hours worked (if necessary).
  5. Once time has been entered, select OK → Review → Submit. Note: Time is not submitted for approval until you select Submit on the review page.

Tips and Tricks

To streamline the time-entry process, there a few shortcuts within Workday@OK which are highlighted below.

  1. At the bottom of the page, select Set Default Projects to set the projects you frequently work on. This will allow the system to autofill the project number make it easier to quickly select relevant projects for your weekly time entry. Note: You can choose as many projects as needed.
  2. Select the Autofill from Prior Week button if you would like the timesheet to be filled with the same information as last week. Note: You should review and edit the time entry from this screen. The Autofill can bring in only the Time Types and Worktags if the box to ‘do not copy hours’ is selected.
  3. Under the Time Type, select Most Recently Used for quick access to recent project codes.
Last Modified on Aug 30, 2023
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