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SW0132-Non-IT Temporary Employment Services

OMES Central Purchasing and OMES Information Services teamed together to pilot a new process to award suppliers a Statewide 0132 Non-IT Temporary Employment Service.

There are 5 categories in this solicitation:

  • Category I - Administrative Support (including office and clerical) 
  • Category II -Commercial/Industrial workers
  • Category III - Healthcare Staffing Services (Clinical)
  • Category IV - Healthcare Staffing Services (Non-Clinical)
  • Category V - Professional Services (other than IT)

 Suppliers will need to fill out their requested information and attach template responses on the Suppliers Form.  There, the Certificate of Competitive Bid, Rate Card Template, Bidder Response Template and the supplier criterion needed for supplier evaluation for the category/categories of application can be located. 

In addition to the completed templates, supplier will also need to return a copy of their Certificate of Insurance for proof of coverage.  

Please use the Bidder response template for all criterion responses, if an answer does not fit in the area provided, use the template as an index of where the information can be found.  If there are any other questions or you need more information contact

Last Modified on Mar 05, 2024
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