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Capitol Event Reservations

Reservation Process

  1. Identify desired location.
  2. Apply for a reservation.    
  3. If your request is submitted correctly and approved:
    • CAM reservation schedule will be updated with your reservation.
    • You will be contacted with confirmation via your preferred method.

General information:

  • If possible, visit the State Capitol Building prior to scheduling your event to determine the location that best suits your needs.
  • The public areas of the State Capitol Building do not have heating or air conditioning. Always consider weather conditions when scheduling your event.

Common reasons for denial:

  • Locations and days already booked.
  • Reserved by House of Representatives desk sergeant and not by CAM (may not be posted on calendar).
  • Sufficient time between different event reservations for set ups.
  • Equipment availability.

Common reasons for delays of reservations:

  • Lack of waivers for dancing (for wedding party only: newlyweds & parents).
  • Lack of fundraiser information (whenever applicable).
  • Special arrangements for personal equipment and decoration storage prior to or after the event.

Diagrams for equipment:

  • Set-ups must be arranged in accordance with the safety requirements.
  • Must be submitted with the application or no later than one week prior the event.

Note: Lack of a set-up diagram, waiver letter, detailed information about fund raisers etc., whenever applicable, may result in the delay or rejection of the reservation. Equipment arrangements set up by the maintenance department due to lack of diagrams cannot be changed. This needs to be with diagrams for equipment.

Capitol Reservations

Phone: 405-521-2121


Last Modified on Nov 15, 2023
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