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Capitol Building Prohibited Items

The following is a partial list of items visitors and state employees are not allowed to carry into the State Capitol Building. Patrol personnel shall be authorized to use their discretion in disallowing items not on the list. If you have questions, contact the Oklahoma Highway Patrol at 405-521-6040.

  • Intoxicating beverages or low-point beer
  • Open flames of any sort, including candles
  • Rice, birdseed, balloons, confetti, bubbles or other similar substances
  • Firearms and ammunition
  • Parts of guns/firearms/weapons
  • Flare pistols
  • Starter pistols
  • Gun lighters/gun replicas
  • BB guns/pellet guns
  • Spear guns
  • Explosives, black powder, primers, gunpowder
  • Blasting caps, dynamite
  • Fireworks, flares
  • Plastic explosives
  • Hand grenades
  • Realistic replicas of explosives
  • Axes and hatchets
  • Bows and arrows
  • Ice picks
  • Meat cleavers
  • Sabers/swords
  • Billy club/batons/nightsticks
  • Blackjacks, brass knuckles
  • Crowbars
  • Fuel/gasoline
  • Tear gas/mace/pepper spray - (officer's discretion: The "key-ring" version, typically carried as a defensive tool, may be allowed inside.)
  • Stun guns/tasers/cattle prod - any weapon using electricity
  • Knives - no fixed blade (dagger type) knives of any length, or knives with a folding blade longer than 3 inches will be brought into the Capitol building. The individual bringing the knife will be directed to return it to his/her vehicle and secure it there.
  • "Historical" or "parade" weapons such as black-powder guns, military rifles, etc., will be allowed inside the facility during special events. Patrol personnel shall ensure than any such weapon is unloaded before allowing entry.
  • Dangerous/venomous/wild animals
  • Fire extinguishers (other than those officially present) 
Last Modified on Aug 08, 2023
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