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Help Applying for Disability Benefits:
               Oklahoma Department of Rehabilitation
               US Social Security Administration

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               For information on expunging a criminal record, visit's Expungement of Criminal Records page.

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OKC:         (405) 522-2273
Tulsa:       (918) 295-3500
TTY:          (800) 722-0353 or 711
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Children are our future and Child Support helps make sure they have a chance at a productive life. Parents have the responsibility to support their children, and do not lose this responsibility when one or the other leaves the home. All children are entitled to support from both parents.

When children do not receive child support, they can:

• Suffer both emotionally and physically 

• Live within a reduced standard of living 

• Have their basic needs unmet 

• Become non-supportive when they become parents

When one or both parents do not support their children, taxpayers often bear the cost of raising children. When children receive public assistance and their parents pay no child support, all taxpayers bear the cost of supporting the children.

Child Support Services (CSS) is committed to effective child support collection, and helping noncustodial parents meet their child support obligations. CSS also helps to keep families who are not receiving public assistance free of state aid. Finally, CSS helps all taxpayers by enforcing the financial responsibility for children on their parents.

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