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Boiler Pressure Vessels Program

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The Boiler Pressure Vessel Service provides administrative assistance, education, training, and awareness within the State of Oklahoma to ensure public safety for citizens.  The Oklahoma Department of Labor has jurisdiction over high-pressure boilers, low pressure steam and hot water boilers, other pressure vessels and licensing requirements for firms engaged in the repair, service and installation of boilers and pressure vessels. 


All boilers are to be inspected by either the state or an authorized insurance company at least once a year with high pressure boilers being inspected twice a year. Some pressure vessels are inspected every three years.

All inspectors are required to be commissioned by the National Board of Boilers and Pressure Vessels. Today, there are approximately 15,000 boilers and pressure vessels in use in Oklahoma with approximately 475 firms licensed to install, service, and repair

Boiler inspection regulations were first established in 1921. These laws were later repealed by new regulations enacted in 1982. The boiler regulations enacted in 1982 also include the requirement for inspection of domestic hot water heaters located in city, county or state facilities. This change was the result of the tragic deaths of six children and one teacher who were killed when a hot water heater exploded in the Star Elementary School cafeteria in Oklahoma City



This program works to ensure the safe installation, operation, service and repair of boilers, pressure vessels, hot water supplies, and Carbon Dioxide (CO2) storage vessels as well as weld test facilities.  This program is responsible for registering and inspecting over 14,300 active boilers/pressure vessels and over 30,000 hot water heaters in the state and conducts safety inspections on steam engines and other implements.

In all, the Oklahoma Department of Labor has jurisdiction to inspect almost 20,000 hot water heaters. Of these, approximately 9,000 hot water heaters are inspected annually.

The staff conducts an annual summit to inform industry of safety requirements, rule/law changes, and other timely announcements. Inspectors undergo rigorous training courses covering many different national codes and guidelines in order to protect public safety within the boiler industry.

The program strives to provide professional, reliable and efficient service for those governed and affected by the Boiler Pressure Vessels in compliance with state statutes, in order to promote a safer Oklahoma.

For more information contact - (405)521-6100 or email

Last Modified on Mar 28, 2024
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