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The Oklahoma Department of Labor (ODOL) is pleased to announce it is moving to a new location effective September 1, 2022: 409 NE 28th Street, 3rd Floor, Oklahoma City, OK 73105.

Alternative Fuels Program

The Alternative Fuels Program provides administrative assistance, education, training, and awareness within the State of Oklahoma to ensure public safety in the expansion of the use of alternative fuels in the transportation sector. The Department of Labor has the responsibility of ensuring the certification process shall be uniform and practical in nature and shall be sufficiently strict to test the qualifications and fitness of any applicant seeking certification to install, modify, repair or renovate equipment used in the conversion of any fossil fuel engine to an engine fueled by an alternative fuel. 

This program serves contractors, owners, and the general public when dealing with Compressed Natural Gas (CNG), Electrical Vehicles (EV), Liquid Natural Gas (LNG), and Hydrogen vehicles or modes of transportation.  Alternative Fuel inspectors inspect CNG stations, calibrate pumps, inspect pressure vessels on the station location, and complete permit reviews on new station installations. To date there are approximately 100 stations in the state

Last Modified on Mar 01, 2022