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Massage Therapy

Massage therapy means the skillful treatment of the soft tissues of the human body. Massage is designed to promote general relaxation, improve movement, relieve somatic and muscular pain or dysfunction, stress and muscle tension, provide for general health enhancement, personal growth, education and the organization, balance and integration of the human body.

Massage Therapy includes, but not limited to: the use of touch, pressure, friction, stroking, gliding, percussion, kneading, movement, positioning, holding, range of motion and nonspecific stretching within the normal anatomical range of movement, and vibration by manual or mechanical means with our without the use of massage devices that mimic or enhance manual measures; and the external application of ice, heat and cold packs for thermal therapy, water, lubricants, abrasives and external application of herbal or topical preparations not classified as prescription drugs.

License Requirements

  • The following is required to make application for a Massage Therapy License
  • A completed application form (form is available under Forms section of this website)
  • Citizenship affidavit of I-94 affidavit (form is available under Forms section of this website) Affidavit verifying lawful presence (form is available under Forms (Form 398 or 399) section of this website)
  • Citizenship affidavit of I-94 affidavit (form is available under Forms section of this website)
  • Copy of birth certificate, driver's license or other government -issued identification that the person is at least eighteen (18) years of age.
  • Copy of current professional liability insurance for practice as a massage therapist
  • Copy of a certificate and transcript of completion from a state licensed massage school showing completion of at least 500 hours of formal education in a massage therapy school. (Out of state education is considered reciprocity. Include an extra $15 with fee)
  • Test scores showing completion and passing the Massage and Bodywork Licensing Examination (MBLEx)

License & Fees Details

  • Copy of birth certificate or government issued identification is at least eighteen (18) years of age
  • Completion of 500 hours of study or equivalent number of credit hours
  • Current Professional Liability Insurance
  • Current Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation (OSBI) background check to include sex offender and Mary Rippy Violent Offender
  • Renewal requires five (5) continuing education units (CEU's) per year based on current license
  • Application/Initial Fee - $50.00 one (1) year or $100 for two (2) years
  • Renewal Fee - $50.00 one (1) year or $100 for two (2) years
  • If education obtained from out-of-state it is considered reciprocity and requires and additional $15 fee
  • Late Penalty (License expired over two months) - $10.00
Last Modified on Feb 24, 2023
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