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Barbering means any one or any combination of the following practices, when done upon the upper part of the human body for cosmetic purposes and when done for payment either directly or indirectly for the general public, constitutes the practice of barbering, to wit; Shaving or trimming the beard or cutting the hair; giving facial or scalp massages or treatment with oils, creams, lotions or other preparations, either by hand or mechanical appliances; singeing, shampooing or applying lighteners or color to the hair or applying hair tonics; applying cosmetic preparations, antiseptics, powders, oils, clays or lotions to scalp, face, neck or upper part of the body; and removing superfluous hair from the face, neck or upper part of the body.

Exam Requirements

  • Has completed at least the eighth grade.
  • Is over the age of sixteen (16)
  • Completion of 1500 hours of study or equivalent number of credit hours
  • Exam Fee - $35.00
  • Pass a written and practical exam with a minimum of 75%

Barbering Testing Supplies

  • One (1) manikin/model appropriate for men’s taper cut with layered top
  • One (1) manikin with 4-6” length hair for permanent wave and the four (4) chemical services

  • Surface wipes or surface sanitizer
  • Surface towel
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Spray bottle with water
  • Large trash bag

  • Towel/neck strip
  • Cape
  • Utility/clipper comb
  • Clippers (no guards)
  • Shears /Scissors
  • Thinning shears

  • Manikin with 4-6” length hair
  • 2 Towels (for chemical drape)
  • Chemical cape
  • End Papers
  • Perm Rods (2 white (large), 2 grey (medium), 2 pink (small))
  • Utility/Tail Comp
  • Clippies/Clamps

  • Disposable Protective Gloves
  • Tail/utility comb(s)
  • Clips/Clamps
  • Spatula
  • Chemical Brush and Bowl (two (2) of each) One bowl/brush for cholesterol cream and one bowl/brush for gel
  • Cholesterol cream (relaxer/bleach re-touch)
  • Colored setting gel (virgin bleach, tint to darker)
  • Applicator Bottle (optional)
Last Modified on Mar 06, 2023
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