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Facial Operator means a person licensed by the Board to perform skin care, make-up and hair removal services to the public provided the hair removal services shall not include electrolysis.

Facial Technology is the practice of applying make-up, skin care or beautifying the face or neck by use of cosmetic preparations, antiseptics, tonics, lotions, or creams. Services include applying eyelashes or removing facial hair by tweezing, depilatories or waxing.

  • Chemical exfoliation known as "skin peels" is the process by which layers of facial skin are removed with commercial products. Chemical exfoliation smoothes wrinkles, reduces scars and blotchy areas and improves the overall appearance of the skin.
  • It is important to discuss all aspects of the exfoliation process with the facial operator, especially safety issues, hazards, skin types and any skin conditions that may increase risks. Advise the facial operator of all medications you are taking.
  • Electrical Muscle Stimulators (EMS) devices supply electrical energy to the body surface through plates, pads or other attachments and cause stimulation and contraction of the muscles. Facial operators may use these devices to help creams or lotions penetrate the skin during a facial. However, only licensed medical practitioners may use the EMS device to relax a muscle spasm, prevent tissue atrophy, increase local blood circulation or promote muscle contractions.

License & Fees Details

  • Renewal required on the last day of birth month annually.
  • Application/Initial Fee - $25.00
  • License Renewal Fee - $25.00
  • Late Penalty (License expired over two months) - $10.00
Last Modified on Feb 24, 2023
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