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License Information

In Oklahoma, cosmetology, barbering, facial and nail technology may only be performed by individuals who hold a valid state license and who work in a licensed establishment or hold a valid work permit. All licenses and work permits must be posted in public view with a current photo attached. You may email and ask for license/permit verification. Oklahoma cosmetology and barber establishments are inspected at least twice a year to ensure safety and sanitation compliance and to ensure all persons providing services hold a valid license/permit. The most current salon inspection sheets must be posted in public view.

  • Completion of an approved apprentice program, or
  • Completion of an approved course of study in a licensed school of this state, or
  • Completion of study in another state or country that is equivalent to the study and training required in this state.

  • Renewal fees are payable by cashier's check, money order or business check of a licensed OSBCB business. No personal or temporary checks are accepted
  • The term of your license is one year - renewable on the last day of your birth month, annually.
  • The renewal fee applies (see information below about your specific renewal fee).
  • A renewal application form (that is sent to you each year and is attached to your license) is due. If you do not have this form, add an additional $5 to the applicable fees.
  • If you do not have a renewal slip/form, Include a note requesting renewal of your license with your money order or cashier's check that includes your name, mailing address, file number (if this information is available to you) and your date of birth.
  • If your license has expired over two months, include a $10.00 late fee. We will refer to the postmark date on your envelope to determine if the late fee is applicable.

Read all of the information below before continuing to the Online Renewal System.

  • If you are NOT a U.S. citizen and are a permanent resident, you may not use the Online Renewal system. You have to submit an I-94 citizenship affidavit along with a copy of your permanent resident card and renewal form. The citizenship affidavit form can be located here.

At this time, massage therapist licenses cannot be renewed online. To renew, please mail in your renewal or visit our office.

For address changes, please email You will receive a confirmation when it has been updated in our system.

To improve our online renewal system please submit all issues along with screenshots to with your file number in the subject line.

Renew your license online here

Exam Requirements

  • Submit request for apprenticeship to the student registrar. Contact information can be located on the Agency Staff page.
  • Apprentice is required by law to obtain training under a licensed Instructor
  • Training to be conducted in an approved licensed establishment.
  • Has completed at least the eighth grade
  • Is over the age of sixteen (16)
  • Complete 3000 hours of study for Cosmetology, 1200 hours for Facialist, or 1200 hours for Manicurist,  3000 hours for Barber.
  • Exam Fee - $35.00

License & Fees Details

  • Renewable by the last day of birth month annually
  • Application/Initial Fee - $20.00
  • License Renewal Fee - $25.00
  • Late Penalty (License expired over two months) - $10.00



Cosmetology means any one or combination of practices generally and usually performed by and known as the occupation of beauticians.


Barbering means any one or any combination of the following practices, when done upon the upper part of the human body for cosmetic purposes.


Manicuring is the practice of cutting, trimming, polishing, coloring, tinting, cleansing the nails, or beautifying the hands and feet of any person.


Esthetics refers to performing skin care, make-up and hair removal services to the public provided the hair removal services shall not include electrolysis.


Massage therapy means the skillful treatment of the soft tissues of the human body which includes, but not limited to the use of touch, or pressure.

Hairbraiding Certification

Hairbraiding refers to performing hairbraiding, hairweaving, and hair extensions which must be performed in a licensed cosmetology establishment.


A Threading Technician is a person licensed by the Board to perform temporary hair removal by using thread that is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin, entwining the hair in the thread and lifting it out of the follicle.


Cosmetician is a person licensed by the Board to perform patron services limited to hair arranging and application of makeup, including, but not limited to, using hairstyling tools and products. Services must be performed in a licensed establishment.


Demonstrator is a person who is not licensed in this state as a Cosmetologist, Barber or Instructor and who demonstrates any cosmetic preparation. The person shall be required to obtain a Demonstrator license from the Board before making any such demonstrations.

Master Instructor

Master Instructor means a person who gives instruction as a qualified teacher in cosmetology or barbering.

Facial Instructor

Facial/Esthetics Instructor is a person licensed by the Board as a qualified teacher of the art and science of facial and esthetics theory and practice.

Manicurist Instructor

Manicurist/Nail Technician Instructor is a person licensed by the Board as a qualified teacher of the art and science of nail technology theory and practice.

Last Modified on Mar 06, 2023