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OMES Employees Group Insurance Division FAQ

  • What are the qualifications to elect my employer’s health plan for retirement purposes?
    • Check with your employer and OMES EGID for updated guidelines.You must have at least 10 years of service credit upon retirement.You cannot have a break in insurance coverage and still be eligible for insurance benefits after retirement.
  • Is there an alternate state insurance that I could elect beside the one provided?
    • To receive the OTRS insurance supplement amount, you must make your selection from the providers offered through your employer.
  • When will insurance be deducted from my monthly benefit payment?
    • One month after your insurance will be paid through your employer – you must verify the month with your employer.If your employer pays the premium for August, insurance will be deducted in October for September’s premium.
  • If I choose a provider that is not offered through my employer, will I be able to keep the TRS supplement?
    • No, we will only subsidize your health insurance if you elect to stay with your employer’s insurance.
  • Why does my premium increase?
    • OMES EGID re-evaluates the premium rates set for the next calendar year each fall.
  • If I choose not to keep my state insurance when I retire, can I come back later to rejoin?
    • As long as there is no break in coverage, you may return to the state insurance. (i.e. If you drop coverage with OMES EGID and elect to be covered under your spouse’s state plan, you may continue your own coverage with OMES EGID at a later date.)
  • Will my spouse be able to continue with the state health insurance after I decease?
    • The TRS insurance subsidy will discontinue.Your spouse will be billed for the premium as long as coverage continues.
  • Will my premium be reduced when I become eligible for Medicare?
    • OMES EGID automatically changes your premium from the regular retirement amount to a Medicare supplement amount.The change will be effective the same month in which OMES EGID is informed by Medicare of the upcoming change in eligibility.
Last Modified on Nov 10, 2020
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