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Warrant Processing

All state warrants are paid by the State Treasurer. The State Treasurer uses a positive pay type of account reconciliation service which is one of the most effective fraud prevention tools available.

Warrants received for payment:

  • Compared against the record of the warrants issued by state agencies.
  • If the State Treasurer’s Office receives a warrant that does not match the information in the state agencies issue records, it identifies it as an exception item.
  • If an exception item is identified because of no issue record the items are dealt with manually and the state agency is charged a handling fee of $5 per item.  See Oklahoma State Statute Title 62, Section 89.6.

Warrants received and identified as counterfeit:

  • The State Treasurer’s Office contacts the agency who’s account number was used on the counterfeit to verify the item is truly fraudulent.
  • Once the item is identified as counterfeit by the agency the item is returned through the Federal Reserve accordingly.

To view paid warrants:

  • Agencies can gain access to Oklahoma Image View to view their agencies paid warrants.
  • For small agencies who need to get access to Oklahoma Image View the agency must complete the Online User Access Form and Attachment E. Many larger agencies have administrators within the agency and should contact that individual for access.
  • If an agency is able to view a warrant showing paid on Oklahoma Image View but believes the item was stale dated or had a stop payment placed on it they may contact the Treasurer’s Office at 405-521-3191 to verify the item was returned unpaid.
Last Modified on Sep 05, 2023
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