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Partnering with Information Services

These roles are available to you directly.

Information Services Executive Sponsor

This position serves as a champion for your agency.

  • Coordinates with the executive team and accepts accountability.
  • Identifies and overcomes obstacles and resistance within the organization.
  • Gives strategic direction to align OMES IS technology strategies with agency missions.

Agency IT Strategist

This position serves as the primary contact for day-to-day operations including directing staff who support IT functions.

  •  Assesses and anticipates technology projects and recommends appropriate action and resources.
  •  This position will typically reside at an agency location for large agencies. Other agencies will be assigned an IT strategist from OMES IS.

Technical Account Manager

This position serves as the point of contact for day-to-day service issues, help desk cases, outages and more.

  • Elevates cases, incidents and customer issues that require IT services.
  • Coordinates communication of completed and in-progress cases to agency IT strategist, customers and senior management.

Account Executive

This position serves as the agency advocate by developing and maintaining relationships with executive leadership and ensuring the services provided align with agency goals.

  • Provides all OMES IS business-related needs for agencies including, but not limited to, service catalog offerings, billing, Master Service Agreements, invoicing and IT procurement.
  • Works with technical account manager and agency IT strategist to identify services and products to meet agency needs.

Program Manager

This position serves as the point of contact for the IT project portfolio within each agency.

  •  Manages current and proposed projects based on operational, financial and strategic goals of an agency.
  •  Partners with an agency to determine scheduling and optimal resources for delivery of IT projects.


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