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IT Statutory & Regulatory Reporting Requirements to CIO

The Information Technology Consolidation and Coordination Act and Oklahoma Administrative Code mandate the Office of Management and Enterprise Services require state agencies to provide certain IT-related reports.

OMES has created online forms to ensure all necessary reports and information are submitted timely. We appreciate your agency’s accurate reporting of IT assets, IT positions and other necessary information that assists OMES in continuing to deliver quality, cost effective and secure information technology services for the state.

IT Statutory and Regulatory Reporting Online

The IT statutory and regulatory reporting online form (link opens in new window) standardizes the process for submitting reports and helps you monitor the status of your organization’s IT reports.


Please review the information and document below for how to register and use the IT statutory and regulatory reporting form and application.


Please view the templates to begin collecting data for your agency IT reporting. Once templates are completed please use the IT statutory and regulatory reporting online form to submit completed templates. This will allow you to monitor the status of IT reports you have submitted.


We recommend having your legal counsel review the statutes and administrative rules. If your counsel has further questions, let us know. We can put them in touch with a lawyer assigned to OMES Information Services.

The due dates are in place to give OMES adequate time to compile and prepare the necessary information for state leadership as directed by the relevant statutes and administrative rules. We request that all agencies try to deliver their information to us as close to the due dates as possible to ensure that no agencies are listed as unreported when state leadership requests information. If a minor portion of information is not available for reporting by the due date, all other information should be reported. The missing information should be supplemented as soon as possible after the due date.

Agencies should review the relevant statutes and administrative rules with legal counsel. The requirements for receiving, reporting and responding to accessibility complaints are defined there.

Yes, and note that no complaints were filed.

If you have any questions about the new forms or need to request access, contact the OMES Service Desk. (Link opens in new window.)