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Tax Season is Upon Us

Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Tax season is upon us, a time of year when scammers go into overdrive. Be extra careful while online and avoid activities that could put your identity and finances at risk.

The National Cyber Security Alliance and the Internal Revenue Service warn Americans of the scamming tactics commonly used during tax season to obtain personal information, money and the identity from many people who file.

Before starting the process, prepare your devices by ensuring your logins are protected with multi-factor authentication when possible. Next, update your software for all your internet-connected devices to improve performance and security. Lastly, beware of filing your taxes online while using public Wi-Fi. We suggest using a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to keep you safe.

 Follow these tips when filing this season:

  • is the only genuine website for the Internal Revenue Service. All Internet and email communications between you and the IRS would be through this site.
  • The IRS will not contact you via email, text messaging, or your social network, nor does it advertise on websites.
  • Beware of tax preparers that only accept cash payments or offer to claim fake deductions to inflate your tax refund.
  • Get an Identity Protection Pin (IP PIN) to prevent someone else filing a tax return under your identity and social security number.

Learn more about staying safe online during tax time at

Last Modified on Jun 28, 2022
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