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About Administration

Project Management and Analysis
Our team of project management and analyst experts exists to help with your strategic projects. We analyze your technology needs and assess, plan and manage solutions to help your agency innovate and modernize.

Human Resources
We assist in hiring, recruitment, performance reviews, calibration and training to ensure a positive employee culture.

OMES Technical Training has oversight of IT skillset development in the State of Oklahoma and ensures the state workforce is always ready to tackle ever developing IT needs.

Resource Management
We work with an agency in the initial planning and procurement phase of a project to ensure business and infrastructure resources are in place. We continue to manage resources throughout the project until completion.

Our enterprise applications, like PeopleSoft, can also help build and customize business applications.

Project Assurance and Governance
Our professional services team is embedded in state government with you and knows how to navigate existing infrastructure, legislation and processes. We quickly assess and identify critical activities for project success.

Administrative Support
We help support all administrative tasks for delivery of tech services providing financial services and maintenance services.

We help support contracts, eDiscovery, technology planning and more, providing consulting and expertise when needed.

Last Modified on Jan 25, 2023
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