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Future Projects

This page is dedicated to our suppliers who have a focus on improving state government with technology. Information provided includes how and when to engage with state agency customers as well as ideas for future projects.

Are you registered with the State of Oklahoma as a supplier?

To do business with the state you must be a registered supplier. Visit our doing business with the state webpage to register as a new supplier or update your current registration.

Are you looking for opportunities to grow your business and build more connections?

Oklahoma is looking to expand our state suppliers list in all industries with companies that can meet the needs of our state agencies.

We will be hosting an annual business expo event during the fall season. The State Suppliers Expo gives you and your business the opportunity to grow your network! Meet with Oklahoma cabinet secretaries, agency directors and team members who can help you expand your connections and learn more about business opportunities with the state.

Visit the State Suppliers Expo webpage for more information and to register for the event.

Rules of engagement

The goal of these guardrails is to ensure all supplier interactions flow through the proper channels and are vetted by the supplier’s OMES Information Services point of contact (PoC) so as not to prematurely engage agencies on solutions or products.

Contact your IS PoC or for any questions.

Our budget cycle throughout the fiscal year can provide a timeline for when suppliers should engage state agency customers.

Strategic Planning

The OMES IT Strategic plan and three-year radar maps will help you with future ideas and improve our strategic planning. 

Upcoming IT Solicitations

View our upcoming IT solicitations for opportunities to bid.


Use these resources to learn more about OMES IS’ supplier management program and how to do business with the state from the lens of solutioning technology:

Last Modified on Dec 06, 2023
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