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State Suppliers Expo

Sept. 25-26, 2024 | Oklahoma City Convention Center

Visit Oklahoma's biggest government-business networking event of the year!

State your business

The annual State Suppliers Expo helps companies do more business with the State of Oklahoma.

Attendees can meet state leaders across all areas of government, discover opportunities to partner on projects, sign up as state bidders and learn how to navigate state purchasing processes all under one roof. This event could be the opportunity you need to take your business to the next level.

Networking conference – Sept. 25, 2024
Educational breakout sessions – Sept. 26, 2024

Develop in-person connections

14+ state-hosted booths.

On-site supplier registration.

Impactful speakers.

Current state projects and needs.

Educational breakout sessions

State purchasing processes.

Contract opportunities.

Industry-specific education.

Oklahoma business incentives.

New elements in store for 2024

Two-day event.

More booths.

More breakout sessions.

Details will be announced soon!


Pre-registration (recommended)

Businesses can pre-register for the 2024 State Suppliers Expo starting July 1.

When pre-registered, you can:
> Streamline your check-in experience.
> Build your custom Expo itinerary.*

*New for 2024.


On-site registration

Unable to pre-register? You can still take advantage of the State Suppliers Expo. Just come to the Oklahoma City Convention Center and register for the event in person.

Hope to see you there!

If you have any questions, please email

Feedback from previous attendees


“I’ve worked with many state governments throughout my career. The [State] Suppliers Expo is the only event I’ve attended where senior executives, and even cabinet members, make themselves available for suppliers to talk with them about their business. The Expo format, having agencies setting up tables in the exhibit hall, is a great idea and a great way to allow the suppliers to meet and talk with the agencies that may have a need for their products or services.”

– Rob Mowid, President
MIPRO Consulting


“I came into this course knowing very little about AI technology and this course provided me with a really solid foundation. I am looking forward to utilizing AI tools to help me with upcoming projects for work, as well as in my personal life. I highly recommend this course if you are interested in learning about how AI can help you with a variety of work tasks.”

Google AI Essentials graduate


"I have a very small promotional budget, [and the State Suppliers Expo] gives me a chance to promote myself to many agencies at once, without a large cost. This is a free event for you to bring your game-face, visit several state agencies in the same room, and promote yourself all in one day!"


– David Crawford, CEO
TruCleanz Distribution USA Inc. (Native American Veteran-owned Business)


“This is an excellent non-technical introduction to help anyone get started with using AI in the workplace. The instructors presented the content in a very approachable way.”

Google AI Essentials graduate


"The State Suppliers Expo allows vendors to interact with the state’s [line of business] users in a way that may be not be possible in a traditional setting. It allows us to IDEATE with the departments in a one-to-many setting. This approach saves the state’s LOB leaders hours of potential IDEATION meetings, and it helps vendors understand the true priorities of departments and where they can help."


– Wade Broyles, Regional VP
Oracle Cloud Infrastructure


“I feel that the course did a great job explaining AI - from development through application. I also appreciated the varying perspectives presented, which were helpful in understanding how AI can be used responsibly as a tool in my profession, rather than simply as a novelty.”

Google AI Essentials graduate

Last Modified on May 29, 2024