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DISCUSS is the State of Oklahoma Health and Human Services Cabinet's Deliver Interoperable Solution Components Utilizing Shared Services Committee with the mission to share technology resources among the HHS agencies.

The DISCUSS Data Subcommittee has been authorized to operate as the data governance committee for shared services efforts and to establish and provide oversight of standard practices relating to data sharing among the participating agencies. The mission of the subcommittee is to support shared solutions through data oversight and informatics support, and to provide for efficient data exchange processes among partnering agencies.

Multi-Agency Data Sharing Agreement

The Multi-Agency Data Sharing Agreement enables participating state agencies to more efficiently meet regulatory goals, evaluate programs and avoid duplication of services, while maximizing benefits to clients. The DSA provides general terms and conditions for data sharing and a “Schedule A” form that is subject to all of the applicable provisions of the full DSA document.

Communication Plan

To ensure optimal utilization of the DSA, participating agencies are encouraged to provide copies or access to the FAQs, the DSA and any signed Schedule A forms to all interested parties within their agency.  Interested parties may include:

  • Agency Leadership
  • Legal Services
  • Agency Data Stewards
  • IT Oversight Committee
  • DISCUSS/Agency IT Strategists
  • DISCUSS Data Governance Coordinator
  • Other parties or programs within a participating agency that may have a need to share data.

DISCUSS Data Subcommittee Members

Oklahoma Health Care Authority
Fred Oraene, Chair
Derek Lieser (Alternate)

Oklahoma Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services
Tracy Leeper, Vice Chair
Austin Ralstin (Alternate)

Department of Human Services
Molly Green
Tara Williams (Alternate)

Oklahoma State Department of Health
Becki Moore
Derek Pate (Alternate)

Office of Juvenile Affairs
Len Morris

State Department of Education
Erik Friend

Last Modified on Sep 24, 2021
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