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OMES 2023 Recap: 10 Highlights of Serving Those Who Serve Oklahomans

By Carmin Eulitt
Friday, December 22, 2023

Over the past year, OMES has modernized and streamlined countless areas of service for our customers. The 10 highlights below encompass only a fraction of the service-driven innovations implemented but serve as a representation of the agency’s dedication to improving efficiency and effectiveness. OMES looks forward to further enhancing operations in the New Year to optimally fulfill our agency mission.

1. Promoted technology education by offering Raspberry Pi devices to Oklahoma schools.

In 2023, the Oklahoma Information Sharing and Analysis Center (OK-ISAC) awarded over 300 Raspberry Pi devices to Oklahoma schools. These devices assist educators in teaching students about programming, computer hardware, cybersecurity and critical thinking skills. As part of OK-ISAC’s mission to combat the cybersecurity workforce shortage, this project aimed to spark interest in students and provide them with opportunities to engage in hands-on cybersecurity experiences.

Learn more: OK-ISAC promotes technology education by offering Raspberry Pi devices to Oklahoma schools

2. Provided transparent data to Oklahomans.

The Performance Improvement Graph (PIG) was implemented to provide increased transparency and the convenience of a single dashboard to display the status of all critical OMES services. On the PIG dashboard, customers can view real-time metrics and status updates on current projects or services performed by OMES teams.

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3. Launched a new service to support Oklahoma nonprofits and other public organizations.

OMES proudly launched First Access, a new online service that supports Oklahoma nonprofits, school districts and governmental entities. First Access provides the opportunity for qualifying organizations to purchase State Surplus items before they are available for public auction.

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4. Modernized civil service across Oklahoma.

In 2021, the Oklahoma Legislature passed the Civil Service and Human Capital Modernization Act to eliminate the outdated merit protection system. Since then, civil service reform has successfully benefited Oklahoma, especially with the OMES Civil Service Division’s focus on mediation as an alternative to legal action. This process of reaching compromise and collaborative solutions significantly lowers legal costs.

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5. Improved agency support through simplified technology services.

The OMES Customer Success team focuses on completing service requests in a timely manner and ensuring high-quality interactions and approaches to problem solving. Through Customer Success’ newly developed Executive Support team, customers can receive top-notch PC support statewide. This service can be conveniently accessed through the new Computer Ordering Widget (COW). The COW application connects customers with the Executive Support team and Service Desk Technicians to quickly have their PC support needs met from anywhere in the state.

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6. Connected veterans to meaningful employment.

The OMES Office of Veterans Placement (OVP), led by Navy veteran Nicklas Garner, provides numerous resources to assist veterans in their transition from military service to civilian careers. OVP offers these resources to any veteran discharged honorably or under honorable conditions.

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7. Hosted the 2023 State Suppliers Expo to recruit new business partners.

On Oct. 5, the State of Oklahoma hosted its third-annual State Suppliers Expo to welcome new business partners from a variety of industries to do business with the state. This annual event fosters collaboration, communication and connections between state government and the business community.

Learn more: State Suppliers Expo returns in 2023 to recruit new business partners

Visit the State Suppliers Expo website.

8. Empowered Oklahoma nonprofits and positively impacted communities.

On July 5 and 7, Oklahoma State Surplus hosted more than 160 deal-seekers at a two-day Surplus and Save event at the historic Jim Thorpe Office Building. Attendees were able to purchase a variety of office furniture and equipment at discounted prices. This event benefitted nonprofits and businesses that use the items to support their missions and givebacks to their communities.

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9. Encouraged employee health and wellness.

In 2023, Thrive State Employee Wellness offered dozens of programs, a podcast episode, educational resources and physical and social activities for employees to take advantage of statewide. Thrive serves the entirety of the State of Oklahoma workforce and encourages employees to take a well-rounded approach to individual health and wellness.

Learn more: Oklahoma employee wellness program helps state employees Thrive

10. Began construction on historical Jim Thorpe Memorial Building renovations.

On Oct. 23, the Office of Management and Enterprise Services held a groundbreaking ceremony, commemorating the start of a $70 million construction plan to renovate and update the Jim Thorpe Memorial Building. The renovations will lead to an increase in office space for state employees, offering increased efficiency with a modern workplace to conduct state services and functions.

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Last Modified on Dec 22, 2023
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