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OAC 260:115-7-17 - Acquisitions over $50,000.00 and not exceeding $100,000.00

State agencies that have an internal CPO or a designated CPO through an interagency agreement and approved internal purchasing procedures pursuant to the requirements of 260:115-5-3 and 260:115-5-7, shall send a written request to the State Purchasing Director to request acquisition authority exceeding $50,000.00 but not exceeding $100,000.00. The State Purchasing Director shall consider the agency’s internal purchasing procedures, procurement training and certifications of the agency’s procurement staff, and any other information deemed necessary by the State Purchasing Director to make the determination to approve or disapprove the request. If approved, the agency shall: 

  1. make all acquisitions within this acquisition authority pursuant to 74 O.S. §85.7, any other applicable state laws and rules, including Section 260:115-7-15
  2. award all contracts based on lowest and best or best value criteria; and, 
  3. solicit all suppliers in the appropriate commodity classification from the Supplier List along with any other suppliers identified by the state agency using solicitation forms prescribed by the OMES Director. 

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