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OAC 260:115-5-7 - State agency purchasing procedures

  1. Development. State agencies shall develop internal purchasing procedures for acquisitions by the state agency pursuant to 74 O.S. §85.39, “. . .which shall, at a minimum, include provisions for the state agency’s needs assessment, funding, routing, review, audits, monitoring, and evaluations”. A state agency must include the method whereby a supplier may protest a contract award by the agency pursuant to 260:115-3-19 in its internal purchasing procedures, and include provisions for procurement policies under statutorily applicable emergency events. Internal purchasing procedures are not effective until approved in accordance with this section. 
  2. Submission to State Purchasing Director. The state agency shall submit a copy of the procedures to the State Purchasing Director. For the purposes of this section, “State Purchasing Director” does not include personnel of state agencies to whom the State Purchasing Director has delegated authority. 
  3. State Purchasing Director review. The State Purchasing Director shall review the state agency’s procedures to ensure compliance with provisions of the Oklahoma Central Purchasing Act, provisions of the State Use Committee, and the Central Purchasing rules. 
  4. OMES Director notice of approval or denial to state agency. Within fifteen (15) business days of submission, the OMES Director shall notify the state agency if the procedures comply or indicate revisions necessary to bring the procedures into compliance. 
  5. State agency resubmission following disapproval. The state agency shall resubmit procedures until the OMES Director notifies the state agency the procedures comply. 
  6. Purchasing procedure review. State agency internal purchasing procedures should be reviewed by the state agency annually with recertification of the internal purchasing procedures by submission to the State Purchasing Director every two (2) years.
  7. Purchasing procedure amendments. If a state agency desires to amend the state agency’s internal purchasing procedures, the state agency shall submit the new procedures in their entirety to the State Purchasing Director for review pursuant to the provisions of these rules. 
  8. State agency Purchase Card (P/Card) procedures. A state agency shall amend its internal purchasing procedures to include the agency’s Purchase Card (P/Card) procedures within six (6) months of completing the P/Card Program implementation process through OMES. The P/Card procedures shall include provisions for procurement policies under statutorily applicable emergency events and the state agency’s approved food policy. The P/Card procedures must specify the process established by the agency to ensure a P/Card held by a terminated or separated employee or an employee who no longer has a job function requiring a P/Card, is promptly surrendered to the State Agency P/Card Administrator. 

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