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This OMES Purchasing Reference Guide is an online resource to assist state staff in making and facilitating procurement-related decisions. The Guide is offered pursuant to the responsibility of the State Purchasing Director (OAC 260:115-1-4OAC 260:115-1-574 O.S. § 85.5) to issue directives, instructions or written communications to state agencies regarding required procurement practices and procedures to ensure compliance with the Central Purchasing Act, procurement rules and other matters relating to state agency acquisitions and procurement.

Although every effort has been made to assure the information in this Guide is correct, the information is not warranted as to accuracy and is not a substitute for, or intended as, legal advice. A particular state agency may be subject to additional procurement requirements specific to the agency; those requirements are outside the scope of this Guide. In addition to the official published version, Oklahoma statutes may be accessed at OSCN. Always consult counsel for a tailored legal interpretation with respect to a particular Acquisition.

How to Use this Guide

Structure of this Guide

  • procurement statutes with hyperlinked cross-references below each statute to associated administrative rules, caselaw, Attorney General opinions and PIM’s;
  • procurement-related administrative rules; 
  • caselaw summaries and 
  • Attorney General Opinion summaries.

Glossary of Capitalized Terms in this Guide

Except as listed below, capitalized terms are defined in statutes or rules contained in this Guide.

  1. CIO means Chief Information Officer;
  2. IT means information technology and telecommunications;
  3. OMES means the Office of Management and Enterprise Services;
  4. PIM means Procurement Information Memorandums;
  5. RFP means Request for Proposal.

To avoid confusion, references to the State Board of Public Affairs or Office of Public Affairs, in caselaw and Attorney General opinions summarized in this Guide, have been changed to the name of the successor agency, OMES, of which the Purchasing Division, a/k/a Central Purchasing, is a part.

Other Procurement-Related Information


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